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Modern Slavery Statement – April 2023


Slavery in the modern day is a horrific crime that deprives victims of their freedom and dignity for financial gain. Slavery in its many manifestations is a serious issue for millions of people worldwide, including many in industrialised nations. Through their own operations and supply chain, any business is vulnerable to being complicit in this type of crime.

Hansen Filer Associates Ltd takes slavery and human trafficking extremely seriously and is committed to eliminating these forms of exploitation from its business and supply chain. We have taken significant actions to fight modern slavery, as indicated in our statement. This declaration details our efforts for the financial year 2023/24 to assess and mitigate all risks associated with contemporary slavery in our company, as well as our efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking altogether. 

Our business and supply chains

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With every one of our clients, we work hard to create a trustworthy partnership based on mutual respect and shared success. We check the supplier’s history, legal standing, health, safety, and environmental standards compliance, and references before deciding to work with them.

If we were made aware of any charges of human trafficking or slavery operations committed by any of our clients, we would take immediate action against them and notify the proper authorities. 

Risk Assessment

In the past year, we conducted a risk assessment of our supply chain by taking into account: 

  • The risk profile of individual countries based on the Global Slavery Index
  • The business services rendered by the suppliers
  • The presence of vulnerable demographic groups
  • A news analysis and the insights of labour and human rights groups

This assessment will determine our response and the risk controls that we implement.

Evaluation of Risk

We have evaluated the potential risks in our supply chain during the last year by considering:

  • The Global Slavery Index’s country-by-country risk ratings
  • The nature of the goods and services provided by our vendors
  • The presence of at-risk populations
  • An examination of recent events and the perspectives of labour and human rights organisations

Based on this analysis, we will decide how to proceed and what precautions to take.


The following procedures are in place at Hansen Filer Associates Ltd to detect and prevent slavery and human trafficking:

We have a “whistleblower policy” in place that ensures no one will be retaliated against if they disclose concerns about slavery or human trafficking. To safeguard the privacy of those who choose to blow the whistle, we offer a toll-free, anonymous hotline.

Our Code of Conduct provides a clear outline of the conduct we expect from workers while they are representing our company and serves as an incentive for them to do the right thing. When conducting business overseas and managing our supply chain, we insist on the most ethical behaviour and behaviour from all of our employees.

Due diligence of our clients

Hansen Filer Associates Ltd does client due diligence when onboarding new clients and on an ongoing basis for all current clients. Some examples are: 

  • Risk analysis for the delivery of certain services
  • Improvements to inadequate employment practises will be mandated after an audit of the suppliers’ health and safety practices, labour relations, and employee contracts.
  • Taking punitive action against vendors that do not meet our performance standards
  • Each supplier must confirm that they do not engage in any of the following practises with regard to their workforce:
    • They do not use forced, compulsory, or slave labour;
    • Their employees work voluntarily and are entitled to leave work;
    • They provide each employee with an employment contract that includes a reasonable notice period for terminating employment;
    • They do not require employees to post a deposit/bond and do not withhold salaries for any reasons; • They do not require employees to post a deposit/bond and do not withhold salaries for

A requirement of employment is not the handing up of passports or work permits.

Hansen Filer Associates Ltd has sent an email to all employees devoted solely to modern slavery, explaining: 

  • Our commitment in the fight against modern slavery; 
  • Red flags for potential cases of slavery or human trafficking; 
  • How employees should report suspicions of modern slavery, and so on and so forth.