When it comes to recruitment, it’s no longer enough to offer a one-size-fits-all approach.

There are multiple factors at play when finding the perfect fit between candidate and company. Here’s how to get this process right.


As well as finding someone who boasts the required skills and credentials, competent recruiters understand that it can be just as important to place a candidate that fits within a company’s culture.

Often, a candidate’s previous success will have come down to how they work with others. Placing them correctly involves paying attention to company culture, and observing those intricacies alongside their social skills and management of both clients and employees.

This is why at Hansen Filler we trust in the excellent judgement of our consultants, who conduct a through analysis of every prospective candidate’s ability to be successful in a specific role.


When a business is evolving at pace, it needs a recruitment partner that can keep up.

As well as through head-hunting and traditional referral methodologies, the best modern recruiters also integrate significant advancements in technology in order to place perfect hires. Cost-effective solutions at pace are the result.

At Hansen Filler, we recognise that organisations are becoming increasingly frustrated with the elongated process and inflexible solutions that traditional executive search firms offer. For us, keeping up with the times and innovating in our own way is key.


There’s a number of reasons why we feel that the traditional recruitment model is broken, and one of them comes down to flexibility.

Large agencies operate in a transactional manner and lack the experience to deliver successfully on assignments, whilst legacy search firms continue to provide a service that is both complacent and inflexible. While the traditional frameworks lead to inflexibility, the best recruiters offer a fresh and dynamic approach to Interim Management and Executive Search which allows for each client relationship to work differently. After all, no two businesses are the same.

At Hansen Filler, we stay flexible and mould a bespoke service around the needs and greater business strategies of our clients. For us, it’ll never be one size fits all, and we won’t try and rush a placement over the line.


Who likes confusing and unnecessary jargon? No one.

Recruiters build long-lasting, genuine relationships by putting in the hard work and listening to their client’s needs in order to deliver, not by pushing an agenda. Simply put, the industry leaders combine the right expertise with a fair service. Win-win.

Hansen Filler pride ourselves on a no jargon, no spin approach to securing the perfect high-level talent for our partners. We don’t sugar coat it – we’re good at one thing. Recruitment.

Our experienced consultants deliver the highest calibre People & Change professionals, across the UK and Internationally, through our Interim Management and Executive Search services. 

To achieve the perfect fit, we work directly with you to deliver a bespoke service that suits your needs.

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