An organisation’s culture is an important factor in the hiring process, and one that we pay close attention to at Hansen Filler. Company culture is an entity made up of vision and values, as well as legacy and the working dynamic of employees.

As defined by, company culture relates to “the way people feel about the work they do, the values they believe in, where they see the company going and what they’re doing to get it there.”

The methods and management styles exhibited by Executives within an organisation inevitably impact culture, which is one of the reasons why we take it into account. We have experience delivering the highest calibre People & Change professionals across the UK and Internationally, and part of our success comes down to ensuring a good cultural fit.

Here’s why we believe that’s important.


According to this report, company culture “is the connective tissue that links agility, engagement, productivity, purpose and result”, and therefore poor workplace culture is costing the UK economy £23.6 billion a year.

If a company wants to sustain growth and productivity, a good working culture is essential. 


A working team cannot expect to communicate effectively if a weak culture permeates their organisation. Good communication is essential for success, and collaborative working processes and open communication come naturally when employees and managers are a good cultural fit for one another.

We’ve found that communication is a particularly important factor in successful business transformations. That’s why we pay attention to culture when executing our Interim Management services. When companies are faced with ongoing mergers and acquisitions, organisational restructuring and regulatory related change, communication can make the difference between a smooth process and a difficult one. 


Externally, company values communicate to the world what the founders and management hold as important. Internally, they also help explain the behaviours that employees are expected to uphold.

Therefore it’s no surprise that, if an employee or manager is directly at odds with a company’s values, they can’t be expected to be a good cultural fit. 

Our search process involves a rigorous approach in which we conduct a thorough cultural assessment of the recruiting organisation. We take into account company values, and then analyse each prospective candidate’s ability to be successful. Learn more about our unique Executive Search model here.


Staff retention problems can often come about as a result of poor company culture. 

Recruitment is what we do, so we love it when we’re trusted to place a new hire. But we don’t recycle the same talent over and over again. What’s important to us is a tailored approach that ensures the best talent is targeted in accordance with our client’s needs, resulting in a lasting fit.

Cultural matches decrease turnover. Lower rates of turnover mean less time and money spent on recruiting, hiring, and training for our clients. 

Our experienced consultants deliver the highest calibre People & Change professionals, across the UK and Internationally, through our Interim Management and Executive Search services. 

To achieve the perfect fit, we work directly with you to deliver a bespoke service that suits your needs.

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