We take a look at the technological trends and developments in the recruitment industry to look out for in 2020 and beyond.

It’s been said that the next 15-20 year could be the most dynamic, volatile and revolutionary in the history of our sector.

Not only will the evolving world of work see incomprehensible changes in the future, but added short-term changes and developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic have meant we’re already beginning to see considerable shifts in traditional industry practices.

Here’s what we’re looking out for.

New technologies.

When governments around the world introduced restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19, the top recruitment companies were forced to adapt. To protect the health of their recruiters and candidates, many companies shifted to virtual recruitment and/ or began trialling recruitment software.

As well as virtual communications and new recruitment software, recommender systems and AI have begun to play a larger role in the recruiting processes of many companies.  

For some, this required just a few minor changes. For others, shifting their entire process online was a huge challenge. Similarly, it quickly became apparent during lockdown that very few businesses had all of the skills required in-house to cope with the major challenges that COVID-19 presented. Hansen Filler has supported a range of businesses by providing trusted interim solutions during this time.

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Analytics will help to deliver at pace.

Although the usage of detailed analytics in our industry is not new, increased access to data – paired with AI as mentioned above – will mean that recruiters can speed up their hiring processes.

Given that the best candidates don’t stay free agents for long, speed is a vital component of any recruiter’s strategy. In fact, pace was one of the key elements of ‘what makes the perfect hire’ in our August blog post. Check it out here.

Increased and improved data-backed analytics will allow recruiters to generate selective lists of candidates who are best fitted for the job, and uncover the best candidates that are not actively seeking. According to the Wall Street Journal, more and more big-name companies are re-evaluating their hiring tactics and including analytics as part of the process.

Technology transparency.

‘With power comes responsibility’, as they say.

As new technologies begin to permeate the industry, recruiters that use technology in secret or underhanded ways are likely to gather an unsavoury reputation. Those that implement effective technologies, and that are open and transparent about their use with candidates, will see results and build great relationships.

At Hansen Filler, we put this into practice with our ‘no jargon, no spin’ approach to our work. We believe the key to building long-lasting, genuine relationships is to putting in the hard work and listening to our client’s needs in order to deliver, not by pushing an agenda.

Simply put, we combine the right expertise with a fair service, and will continue to do so as we adapt and evolve with the times.

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